Website Development Course in Rawalpindi

joint venture of professionals in web technology, we believe in quality training which bring you on a level where you can perform professionally in local market as well international market. Our professionals team provide training Website Development Course in Rawalpindi

Website Development Course Contents

  •  Introduction to www
  •  HTML / HTML5
  •  CSS / CSS3
  •  jQuery / Javascripts
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  PHP / My SQL
  •  CMS / WordPress
  •  Twitter Bootstrap
  •  Practical / Projects
  •  Free Internship

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HTML and CSS are the two main languages used to create web pages. HTML is the markup language, which describes a website’s structure and content. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which are used to style your webpage’s look and feel (think: colors, fonts, etc.).

The differences between these two languages include:

  • HTML is more general purpose whereas CSS focuses on styling specific elements within the page (e.g., headings).
  • HTML allows you to define how content should appear while CSS helps you control how it looks on screen; therefore they’re often called “the glue” between users’ input systems (like keyboards) and visual displays (like monitors).


JavaScript is a programming language that you can use to create websites, mobile apps and desktop applications. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in use today because it’s easy to learn, highly flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications.

JavaScript allows you to create interactive web pages without having an extensive knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). You can also use JavaScript for server-side scripting as well as client-side scripting using frameworks such as jQuery or AngularJS which will simplify your workflow significantly if you’re just starting out with web development.


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that allows you to create fast, scalable network applications. It’s used by companies like Netflix and Uber, as well as many other large-scale web applications.

Node.js is built on top of the V8 JavaScript engine, which means it can run code faster than other JVM languages (JavaScript runs natively in the browser). This makes it an ideal platform for building high throughput server side workloads like microservices or REST APIs because these applications can handle thousands upon thousands of requests per second without slowing down due to memory pressure or garbage collection pauses


Express.js is a web framework that allows you to easily build fast, scalable and flexible web applications. It was created by the creators of Node.js and can be used with other frameworks like Angular or React (although it’s not necessary).

Express provides several features that make it suitable for building websites:

  • Static files (images and CSS) are loaded from your server rather than downloaded on every page load – this reduces bandwidth usage significantly because files are cached locally in clients’ browsers;
  • Persistent sessions with cookies;
  • A powerful routing system which allows you to define routes for specific URLs or groups of URLs;
  • Access control using authorized keys so only authorized users can access certain parts of your site;


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that provides an intuitive and efficient way to develop complex web applications. It’s used by large organizations like Google, Netflix and Amazon.

AngularJS is often used for building single-page apps (SPAs), which are websites that load all of their content from one place on the page instead of having multiple pages with different data and code each time you click on them. SPAs can be more responsive than traditional sites because they load completely whenever there’s new content or interactivity without reloading anything in between. Website Development Course in Rawalpindi

If you are interested in learning How to Create a Website, this is the Course for you!

If you are interested in learning how to create a website, this is the course for you! This course will teach you everything from scratch: how to build a website using HTML and CSS, JavaScript and Node.js. In this course, we’ll be creating our own personal portfolio site where users can log in with their email address or Facebook account. The goal of our project is simple – we want visitors to be able to see all of their previous projects on one page so that they can easily find something new if needed! Website Development Course in Rawalpindi

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