TikTok has Announced Several Changes to its App

TikTok has announced several changes to the social media platform.

According to the company, these changes are aimed at making the social media platform safer and more fun for users.

Tik Tok will step up its actions against people who continuously violate the app’s rules and regulations while also introducing a few new features for the algorithmic feed called For You.

The company said there is a distinct tendency for users to repeatedly violate rules and regulations.

This is why TikTok has decided to adopt a YouTube-like strike system.

Under this new system, if a video of a user is reported and found to be in violation of the rules and regulations, a strike will be applied to the said account, whereby the content will be deleted.

If the number of strikes given for violating a product feature (such as comments or TikTok Live) or a policy (harassment or other) exceeds a set limit, a user’s account may be permanently banned.

The company said the extent of the strikes will depend on the nature of the violations and the potential harm to people using the app.

For example, violating hate content policies may lead to account bans very quickly, while less damaging spam content will be given a longer grace period by the company.

According to the company, content based on serious violations such as videos promoting violence, child sexual exploitation content or showing real-world violence will result in account ban forever.

Strikes will be removed from account records after 90 days, but severe violations of policies and features will result in permanent account bans rather than removal of strikes.

TikTok did not specify what number of violations would be considered excessive.

TikTok is also testing a new feature in limited countries that will let users know which of their videos are not eligible for the For You feed and why.

Similarly, Tik Tok is also introducing a new refresh button for users of For You Feed recommendations.

With this refresh button, users will be able to see new and different content in the For You feed, away from their previous activities.

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