Software Development Course in Rawalpindi

A software development course is a course that teaches the skills, knowledge and experience needed to develop software. In other words, the course teaches software developers how to solve software development problems and create new solutions, systems or applications. The course is designed to help students learn the basics of programming and software development, such as object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, scripting languages, web development technologies. It also offers a selection of popular electives in computer science, including artificial intelligence.  Software Development Course in Rawalpindi

Software Engineering Course Summary

  • Introduction to Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Designing Website (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap)
  • Development in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Building WordPress eCommerce Website
  • Project – (Building a Responsive  Website)

  • Using JavaScript/ JQuery
  • Introduction to OOP (Java Programming)
  • Web Development with PHP & MySQL
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to ERP System
  • Final Project
  • Internship 6 Months

Software Development Course

Software development is a very broad field with many subfields and disciplines. It usually takes years of training and study to become an expert in the field. However, software developers can learn some of the basics of software development through a course that takes less than a year to complete.

Software development courses are designed to teach potential students how to code, how to use programming languages, how computer architectures work, what computer programming languages exist and how they work together with one another, and why data science is important for software developers.

The course usually consists of four modules that take 10 weeks each. Modules include Computer Science Principles (CS1), Data Science (DS), Programming Languages (PL) and Software Development Processes (SDP). Software Development Course in Rawalpindi

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