Project Management Course Business Professionals

The course provides project managers with the skills and tools to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. The course covers all aspects of project management, including budgeting, scheduling, and contracting. Students are also taught how to use critical thinking skills to make better decisions It is necessary to understand that projects are not linear as they often involve many twists and turns. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that project managers are aware of all the risks and challenges ahead of time so that they can make the right decisions. Project Management Course Business Professionals

Project Management Course Outline

  1. Module 1: Project Management Framework, as per PMBOK
  2. Module 2: Agile Project Management
  3. Module 3: Project Monitoring & Evaluation: Planning Commission
  4. Module 4: MS Project Hands-On
  5. Module 5: P6 Primavera Hands-On
  6. Module 6: Strategic Planning

Project Management Courses provide students with a comprehensive overview of everything related to project management from management skills and team building, to contract theory and managing stakeholders. Project Management Course Business Professionals

Project management is the process of organizing, managing and assigning the project work. Project managers are responsible for linking the goals of all stakeholders to specific tasks. They also manage risks, scope and change. This course will provide you with a clear understanding of how to use Microsoft Project 2010 and its fundamental concepts. Project Management Course Business Professionals

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