IOSH Course in Rawalpindi -Pakistan

The IOSH has two levels of certification: a basic and an advanced. The basic certificate is suitable for those who want to get started in their career as a Health and Safety professional, while the advanced course is aimed at those who already have experience working within this field. IOSH Course in Rawalpindi -Pakistan

IOSH Course Contents

  • Recognize the significance of working safely
  • Familiar with key terms related to health and safety
  • Know how their actions in the workplace contribute to health and safety
  • State the effects of hazards on business performance
  • Classify different types of hazards
  • Define a safe system of work
  • Identify and control common hazards in the workplace
  • Highlight the importance of “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)” and “Permit to Work” system
  • Practice high standards of personal hygiene
  • Familiar with the meaning of safety signs
  • Explain different types of workplace inspections
  • Discuss how effective housekeeping eliminate workplace hazards
  • Explain different types of workplace inspections
  • Describe the process involved in health surveillance
  • Demonstrate emergency procedures and carry out basic first aid treatment
  • Summarize the roles of safety committees and enforcement inspector

What is IOSH?

IOSH is an international health and safety qualification. It’s recognised worldwide, with employers and colleges recognising it as a standard in the workplace.

IOSH is also recognised by government bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which means you can use your IOSH certification when applying for jobs or training courses.

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend the course. You don’t need to be a student or work for an employer, and you don’t even have to be employed in the construction industry. The course is open to all people over 16 years of age who wish to learn more about health and safety at work. It’s also available for people with disabilities, who may find it easier than others do when it comes time for practical work experience. IOSH Course in Rawalpindi -Pakistan

Course fees

The course fee is £995 and includes a comprehensive course manual, certification, and Certificate of Attendance.

Why choose this course?

This course is highly recognised by employers and other professionals. It provides a sound basis for further study, providing you with a formal qualification in health and safety. You will learn about the responsibilities of employees, employers, managers and supervisors toward ensuring that their workplaces are safe for both workers and customers. You will also learn about how to identify hazards in your workplace or site so that they can be controlled or removed quickly. You’ll be able to identify accident risks at work – such as slips and trips – which could lead to serious injuries or even loss of life if not addressed properly!

  • The course duration is 3 months, with a break for exams in the middle.
  • The course is held at our offices in New Delhi and Mumbai.

This certificate proves your dedication to Health and Safety in the workplace. It provides you with an internationally recognised qualification that will benefit your career.

This certificate proves your dedication to Health and Safety in the workplace. It provides you with an internationally recognised qualification that will benefit your career.

IOSH is the leading Health and Safety qualification for the workplace, developed in consultation with industry experts to ensure it is relevant and up to date. IOSH has been recognised by employers as a respected qualification across the UK, allowing you to use this certificate when applying for jobs or promotions at your current or new employer. IOSH Course in Rawalpindi -Pakistan

We hope that this certificate will help you to be more productive in your job, and provide a step up on the career ladder. IOSH Course in Rawalpindi -Pakistan

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