Hotel Management Course in Rawalpindi

Hotel management course is one of the best hospitality management courses available in the market. The learner will be trained in various fields like hospitality and tourism industry. Hotel Management Course in Rawalpindi

It is a very good course for those who are looking forward to being professional managers in the hotel industry and have a keen interest in exploring all aspects of hotel operations, guest services, food and beverage service, human resource management etc.

There is a wide range of sophisticated and proven practices in the field of hotel management.

The concept of hospitality dates back to thousands of years ago. With the arrival of tourism, hotels are now a major part of the industry. However, there was no formalized education for them until 1871 when Cornell University introduced its first program in hotel management. The school has since graduated over 5 thousand alumni from this program who have gone on to create more than 500 hospitality businesses around the world and own properties worth billions of dollars combined.

Hotel Management Course Contents

  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • FOH (Front of House) BOH (Back of House)
  • Housekeeping / Food Safety/ Food Costing/ Sales & Marketing
  • Communication Skills (English)/ CSR / GRO/
  • Lobby Manager/ Hotel Accounting


The hotel management course is designed to teach you the basics of the hotel industry, providing you with a broader understanding of the various components that make up a good hotel.

The course aims at imparting knowledge of operations, human resource management, customer service and other important aspects of managing a successful business. It also provides you with an opportunity to explore career prospects in this field through comprehensive career guidance and internship opportunities. This course is aimed at both students and working professionals who want to improve their skills in this industry. Hotel Management Course in Rawalpindi

An overview of what we will learn:

– Hotel Industry Overview – The “business” side of hotels (think fundamentals): greeting guests, using technology for better guest service, booking rooms ahead or on the spot, and negotiating rates

– The “hospitality

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