Full Stack Web Developer Course in Rawalpindi

This Full Stack Web Developer Course in Rawalpindi covers the basics of web development so that you can create your own dynamic websites. It will teach you how to work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a complete website. This course is for anyone with basic web development knowledge and want to become a full stack web developer. You will be able to build web apps from scratch using modern technologies and frameworks, such as Angular 4, React.js 16.

The purpose of this long project-based course is to introduce students to Full-Stack web development. It includes JavaScript & jQuery for rich and more interactive UI development for web apps, HTML5, CSS3, & BootStrap 4 for developing responsive and attractive webpages, and PHP & Laravel Framework for back-end web development. Web database programming utilising MySql and Eloquent ORM. Using PHP and the Laravel Framework to create REST services and APIs, using AJAX and JSON to use them. For the building of contemporary single page web applications, the course also covers the fundamentals of Angular.

Full Stack Web Developer Course Outlines


  • Fundamentals of HTML
  • Basic HTML tags
  • Format text on Web Pages
  • Incorporate images
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Create complex image maps
  • Create tables and nested tables
  • Insert a form on a web page
  • Set, modify form field properties: text field, drop-down, check box, radio button
  • Validating HTML

Cascading Style Sheet – CSS 3

  • Introduction
  • Designing with Style Sheets
  • Style Sheet Syntax
  • ID, Class Contextual Selectors
  • Linked (External) Style Sheets
  • Cascading Order
  • Properties: Text, Font, Colors, Backgrounds, Borders
  • Floating Elements
  • Absolute and Relative Positioning i.e. Div’s etc.
  • Layering Elements with the Z-Index
  • Animation of objects

Javascript & DOM

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables and  Objects
  • Decision Making Statement: If, Switch
  • Loops: For, While & Do While
  • Arrays
  • Functions and Prototypes
  • Core JavaScript Objects
  • DOM Introduction
  • DOM Event Model
  • DOM Functions i.e. Document.Write, Document.GetElementById, Document.bg Color etc.


  • Introduction
  • Install & Configuration
  • jQuery Syntax
  • Selectors
  • Events: Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate, Stop, CSS
  • jQuery Callback
  • jQuery Chaining


  • Core Concepts of Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Classes
  • Alerts, Buttons, Badges, Cards
  • Carousel
  • Forms
  • Modal
  • Bootstrap Grid System

PHP HyperText PreProcessor – PHP

  • Introduction
  • PHP Document
  • Language Fundamentals: Variables, Constants
  • Decision Making Statement: If, ? & Switch
  • Loops: For, For-Each While & Do While
  • Statement: Break, Continue
  • Operators: Airthmentic, String, Assignment, Comparison, Incr/Decr etc.
  • PHP functions:
  • Arrays: Numerically Indexed, Associative
  • Array Functions: Join, Explode, Implode, In_Array, Array_Search.
  • String Functions: Strlen, Printf, Substr, Str_Replace
  • Server-Side Processing
  • Processing Forms via GET/POST
  • GET or POST?
  • State and Persistence: Cookies/Session
  • Web Application Development
  • Introduction to PHP Frameworks
  • Basic OOP


  • What is SQL & MySQL and its Versions?
  • MySQL CLI:mysql/GUI:phpmyadmin
  • Administration & Query Browser
  • Creating  Databases and Tables
  • Using keys
  • Table Types in MySQL
  • Data Types:Varchar, Int, Char, Date and Time
  • Deleting databases and tables
  • Inserting, Retrieving, Updating and Deleting data
  • MySQL User Accounts, Privileges and Access Control
  • MySQL documentation

Integrating PHP and MySQL

  • PHP interfacing with MySQL
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Connecting to a database
  • Executing SQL
  • Retrieving the data set
  • Refining the fetch


  • Introduction to WordPress
  • WP Installation
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Posts & Pages
  • Menu & Widget
  • Footer
  • Slider
  • Tools & Settings

Full Stack Web Developer

  • Fee: 20000/- (PKR)
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Certificates: Yes

Full Stack Web Developer Course in Rawalpindi 0311-5559404

This course can help you:

– Build web applications from scratch using modern technologies and frameworks such as Angular 4 and React.js 16

– Discover the many facets of modern front end engineering including ECMAScript 6+, TypeScript 2+, React – the Reactive library, Redux – the predictable state container, Webpack 3+ – the module bundler Full Stack Web Developer Course in Rawalpindi

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