Diploma in Health & Safety in islamabad

Diploma in Health & Safety (HS) Course Overview

Occupational Health and Safety is primary source for the success of any business organization because health and safety of the employees of any organization is life line to ensure better quality, increased productivity along with cost saving. Therefore, Occupational Health and Safety is major concern for Organization itself along with Customers/Clients/Employees/Governments and International Community. Diploma in Health & Safety in islamabad

  • Health and safety is a course offered by many colleges.
  • The aim of this course is to help you understand how to manage risk, prevent accidents and manage risks in the workplace.
  • It covers topics such as:
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Hazard identification and risk communication;
  • Safety policy development;

Diploma in Health & Safety Outline

Participant will be able to;

  1. Perform basic accident investigations.
  2. Conduct safety and health inspections.
  3. Measure and evaluate accident prevention performance
  4. Design basic record keeping systems for tracking safety and health performance.
  5. Design record keeping systems for compliance with safety and health regulations.
  6. Participate in and direct safety and health committees.
  7. Develop basic occupational safety and health training programs.
  8. Interact with regulatory agencies during inspections.
  9. Design and implement safety promotional programs.
  10. Ensure control and prevention of occupational accidents.

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Diploma in Health and Safety Courses

The course is designed to help you understand the basics of health & safety management and to develop the skills necessary to plan, implement and evaluate health and safety procedures in your workplace.

The diploma will cover all aspects of health & safety including:

  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Business Environment – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Workplace Environment & Noise.

Diploma in Health & Safety Courses Syllabus

  • Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Theory of Health & Safety
  • Working at Height
  • First Aid at Work
  • Manual Handling

The Diploma in Health and Safety Courses Syllabus consists of six modules:

Theory of Health and Safety (Module 1) – Aims to provide the student with an understanding of how they can stay safe while working. It covers topics such as the legal framework, standards and regulations relating to workplace safety; personal protective equipment; work site inspections; risk assessment techniques etc. This module also includes video footage which will be incorporated into lectures later on in your course.

Manual Handling for Workplace Safety (Module 2) – This module provides you with an insight into safe handling practices including how to use protective equipment safely as well as providing information on hazards associated with manual handling. It also looks at how these risks might be reduced by implementing effective control measures within your organisation’s systems or procedures so that employees know what they should do if something goes wrong.* Fire Awareness Training Programmes – These courses are designed specifically for fire fighter recruits who have just completed their basic training period but still need additional training before starting full time duties.* Confined Spaces Awareness Programs – These programs deal with working within confined spaces such as sewers/lifts/mine shafts etc., which could pose serious health risks if not handled correctly Diploma in Health & Safety in islamabad

The Structure of Diploma in Health & Safety Courses

The structure of Diploma in Health & Safety Courses:

  • A total of 100 credits will be awarded to students who complete the course successfully.
  • The content is based on ISO 14001:2004 which is a globally accepted standard for health and safety management systems.

This section discusses the key concepts that need to be understood before you can begin with your studies.

What are the career options after finishing the course?

After completing the course, you can work as a health and safety officer, risk assessor and environmental health and safety officer.

Health & Safety Officer:

The role of a H&S Officer is to ensure that employers meet their legal obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSA). This includes making sure they have adequate procedures in place to reduce risks from workplace hazards or incidents. If an incident occurs that leads to injury or death, the HSA gives them powers to hold people accountable for their actions if it’s found that there was negligence involved in causing harm on site. Diploma in Health & Safety in islamabad

Risk Assessment Officer:

A risk assessor uses mathematical models based on statistics such as probability theory, statistical analysis and calculus to predict future events by combining historical data with current trends within an organisation’s environment/business model – this makes them experts in predicting future trends using these methods!

The Diploma in Health & Safety, which is one of the most popular courses among students, has many career options. The course prepares you to work as a security officer or personal assistant. You can also find jobs in renewable energy industries such as wind turbines, solar panels etc., where you will be responsible for maintaining safety regulations and ensuring that your workplace meets all regulations set by government agencies such as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Diploma in Health & Safety in islamabad

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