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Today’s digital marketers require many skills to be profitable: design, audience targeting, optimization, analysis, and more. Organic content channels are awash and not achieving as many people as before, so paid advertising is an efficient way to get your content to the top of people’s feeds (and their minds). In this digital marketing course in Islamabad, you’ll learn everything you need to create a customer-centric advertising scheme, including journey-based advertising, bidding and targeting strategies, paid search, social media advertising, programmatic, reporting, and more. We are offering a digital marketing course in Islamabad. This is the best offer for special youngsters and many other people related to different categories. 

Can you Tell me who this is for?

  • Aims to provide early learners with an opportunity to develop skills in the field of digital advertising.
  • Individuals seeking a better understanding of advertising tactics and ways to improve their existing skills.
  • Inbound marketing decision-makers who are looking to reevaluate or build an inbound advertising strategy.

Digital Marketing Course Outline

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Basic SEO

5 Days A Week Class

Course Fee: 20000/-

Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad  Call No: 0311-5559404


The Benefit of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is used to increase traffic and give fast results which are so good for every market. By using the skill of digital marketing we can show anything at any time using the internet. Now the world is a global village where everyone uses mobile and computers, that’s why we use digital marketing to show our ads on a social media platform that is shown on mobile, laptops, and computers. 

Topics of Digital Marketing Course

  • Google ads 
  • Facebook ads 
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing

Google ads

Google ads is a type of digital marketing where we can show our ad on google, it means we can run our campaign on google by billing after running a good campaign our campaign results are shown at the top of the google page and organic results are shown after our ad. Our institute is offering digital marketing courses in Pakistan is also teaching al types of digital marketing and google add is very effective for showing results on the top of google 

Types and Uses of google ads

Search add is used for increased traffic means if a person searches for any keyword which is related to our ad then our add result shows him first. By using search ads we can gain many positive results that help us to increase business. 

Performance max is used for brand marketing they use this service to increase leads and sales clicks which helps brands gain effective results.

Display ads are used for displaying our ads on other website pages that help related category customers to visit our ad and get more info about our business. 

A shopping ad is used for increasing sales of your product. 

Video ads are used to show ads on youtube videos. It helps to reach and engage viewers on youtube. Video ads will be shown before the video starting or in between the video. We can reach our customers by using video ads.

App add will be used to drive app promotion across google networks. It helps in the installation of apps that promotes the app. 

Smart add is used to promote our business which is already running on google. Our business will be shown to these people who are related to our business. 

Local add are used to drive customers to the physical location. It shows the user’s location to interested people. 

Discovery ads are used to run ads on youtube, Gmail or any other platform that is related to google. Youtube ads require videos but on another platform it not be compulsory.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are not related to google. Facebook has its own campaign setting by which we can show our ad on the Facebook page. This platform very uses full for those who don’t want keyword research. Our ad will show on the Facebook page between scrolling we can show our video and add photo ads and the most benefit is that after clicking on adding our customers go to our page which is linked from add. It is a very useful type of digital marketing because people use Facebook at any time so we can show our ad at any tie on Facebook. Our institute has a professional teacher for this work and they are willing to teach Pakistani by offering digital marketing services in Pakistan.

Offered in a Digital Marketing Course in Islamabad

Brand awareness is used for the popularity of brands on social media. It shows a brand ad on Facebook. For running a brand campaign, the brand is required to get scroller to get inspired and shop from our brand. 

Reach ad is used to reach more and more people for popularity it help the user to get more impression by using a reach campaign. 

A traffic campaign is used to get more traffic on our website or any other place, it is most helpful if we are running an institute and we want students or work so we can show our ad to those people who are interested in learning or jobs. We can also use it if we want to increase the traffic to our website so we have to run traffic ads by which people can visit our website after clicking on an ad.

An engagement ad is used if a user wants to get more and more engagement like if he has a Facebook page for education so he runs an engagement ad by which user gets more engagement on his Facebook page, in short, we can also say that if we want to increase follower so we run engagement ad. 

App installs ad is used to show our ads to social media and to get more and more installations, if we have a gaming app then we show our ad to those people who are interested in gaming they can install our app after seeing the ad.

Video views. Every video needs a video for its popularity on every social media platform, we can run our video campaign on Facebook for more and more views, like if we are bloggers and we need viewers so we can run video ads for more viewers. 

Lead generation is used to use make more leads like if we have college and we need admissions so we can make a form where interesting person filled it.

Conversation ads are used to make more and more conversation, like if we have an online shopping store and we want to gain conversation then we have to run conversation ads.

By teaching complete digital marketing courses in Pakistan we teach our students more and more easy ways to make ads and an easy platform for earning. Digital marketing skill is very useful so take a digital marketing course in Islambad.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. In simple terms, it means the process of upgrading a site to increase its visibility when people search for or services related to your business in google, bing or another search engine. The better visibility your page have in search results, the more likely you are to garner focus and attract eventually and exciting customer to your business.

Now learn SEO from a digital marketing course in Islambad because SEO is very important for marketing SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing because people conduct trillions of searches every year so it is very hard to show your website on search engine result pages so by using SEO we can rant our website on search engine result pages. We have professional teachers who teach SEO in a digital marketing course in Islambad. 

Types of SEO

On-page SEO is used on front pages where visiter visit and read pages. On-page SEO use keyword to get a fast ranking in search engine.

Offpage SEO is used on the backhand of the website by using backlinking we can do Of-page SEO and display our website on other websites.

Our professional teachers teach how to use keywords in content, keywords are used by check ranking and guide properly how to rank a website, digital marketing course in Islamabad teachers also teach how to make backlinks and tells that how to use backlinking. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is clear from its name. Now everyone uses social media platforms for different purposes we can show our ads or our messages to social media users by running campaigns. Now popular social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others in which we can run ads and reach more and more people.  digital marketing course in Islamabad.

Digital marketing courses at pk institute are teaching all of these courses in this and get all skills, these skills have to much demand nowadays so fill the form and get digital marketing course in Islamabad. 

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