Daraz Course in Rawalpindi – Daraz Virtual Assistant

Daraz course is a comprehensive learning package designed to teach you the skills required to start your own ecommerce store in a few days. The course starts with teaching you how to choose the right niche for your store, how to get products at dirt-cheap prices, and how to monetize your site for profit. Daraz Course in Rawalpindi

It then moves on to teaching you about email marketing strategies and strategies for driving traffic. It then teaches you about different ways of acquiring customers, from organic traffic acquisition through content marketing and social media engagement, through paid advertising on Facebook and Google Ads, down to SEO and other non-traditional methods of acquisition. After teaching you how customers convert into sales through the use of analytics tools like Google Analytics, it moves onto teaching you about SEO so that customers can find your site easily.

In the final stage of the Daraz Course in Rawalpindi  , it teaches you how to scale up by automating processes like lead generation with autoresponders or by automating sourcing Daraz Course in Rawalpindi

Daraz Course Outline

  • Daraz Introduction
  • Seller Account Registration
  • Product Research
  • Listing your product (Single/Variation)
  • Product Approval
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Ranking
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Brand Awareness)
  • Paid Marketing (Campaign Managements, Ads; Discounts and a lot more)
  • How to use Daraz seller central in order to start selling and receiving orders
  • Manage Orders
  • How to contact support
  • Review Building

Daraz Course Duration 1 Month :

Daraz Course Fee : 17000/-

Daraz Course in Rawalpindi in Call – 0311-5559404

You will learn about the most recent typologies, methods, and working schemes that make it easier for buyers and sellers to sell and buy in this Daraz course in ASIPT Systems. Students get knowledge about running a Daraz store or online shop, managing financial accounts, looking for online, sourcing products, and many other tactics.

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