Civil Engineering Diploma Course Rawalpindi

The civil engineering diploma course is a two-year programme that is offered in several universities. This programme helps to train students who want to pursue a career in the field of civil engineering. There are many subjects that are covered in the diploma course, these include hydrology, structural mechanics, surveying, water resources management and so on. The diploma holders can either choose to become an engineer or work as a technician or as an associate professional engineer. Engineering services providers and consulting companies also hire individuals with this qualification for their projects because of their vast knowledge about different aspects of the engineering industry. Civil Engineering Diploma Course Rawalpindi

Types of DAE Diplomas

Electrical Technology
Electronics Technology
Telecommunication Technology
Mechanical Technology
Computer Hardware Technology
Chemical Technology
Auto & Diesel Technology
Civil Technology
Auto & Farm Machinery Technology
Architecture Technology
Bio Medical Technology
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology
Dress Making & Dress Designing Technology
Fine Arts Technology
Cast Metal And Foundry Technology
Computer Technology
Die And Mold Technology
Food Processing and Preservation Technology
Food Technology
Glass Ceramics And Pottery Development Technology
Instrument Technology
Leather Technology
Foundry and Pattern Making Technology
Metallurgy and Welding Technology
Mechanical Technology (With Specialization In Construction Machinery Technology)
Petro-Chemical Technology
Petroleum Technology
Precision Mechanical and Instrument Technology
Printing And Graphic Arts Technology
Textile Dyeing and Printing Technology
Textile Spinning Technology
Textile Weaving Technology
Career Options
Quantity Surveyor
Assistant Mechanical Engineer
Sales Excutive / – Telemarketing – Telenyx – Islamabad
Assistant / Associate Engineer

The Civil Engineering Diploma Course is a three-year course in the field of civil engineering that is offered by some universities.

The students who enroll in this course will be taught a variety of subjects which include engineering drawing, surveying, calculus and design, among others. They will also learn about the history of civil engineering and how the field has evolved over time.

The course is compulsory for all civil engineers. The course provides a chance to study the basics of civil engineering, the history, construction materials, surveying and so on. Students who study in this field are afforded a wide range of opportunities in their future careers.

A civil engineering diploma is a compulsory requirement for any career aspirant in this field. Civil engineering students get ample exposure to the basics of civil engineering, construction materials and surveying techniques during this course. Such courses help an individual take up many career options in the future.

Civil engineering is a discipline of engineering that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.

The civil engineering profession typically involves working on large projects related to transportation (highways, railroads), water supply and wastewater management (drinking water treatment plants) or public facilities (schools, hospitals).

This course will introduce you to the basics of civil engineering and equip you with the skills necessary for a successful career in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Diploma Course Rawalpindi

Civil engineering is the development of safe, functional and innovative infrastructure and products to enhance living conditions.

Civil Engineering deals with the safe, functional and innovative design of infrastructures and products that improve living conditions. It combines the knowledge in social sciences, natural sciences, humanities and engineering principles to solve practical problems like water supply, wastewater management, urban planning. The course covers both theory and practice to prepare sound civil engineers who will be capable of designing sustainable developments. Civil Engineering Diploma Course Rawalpindi

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