Chemical Engineering Course Islamabad

Chemical Engineering is a field of engineering that uses applied sciences to solve problems concerning the production and use of chemicals, chemical fuels, and other products. Chemical engineering can be broken into three categories: process engineering, product development, and research. To a Chemical Engineer, the world is more than just what meets the eye. It’s a complex, elaborate system of processes and interactions that create and shape our daily lives.

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of chemical engineering. It starts with an overview of how different fields are related to chemical engineering and proceeds to examine concepts in thermodynamics, thermochemistry, kinetics, transport phenomena, electrochemistry and materials science. You’ll explore the refining process with its many uses throughout the world today. And we’ll talk about the natural gas industry as well as its future prospects in terms of production trends and challenges to future growth. Chemical Engineering Course Islamabad

Throughout this course you will develop skills in math and science while learning how these subjects help shape society through chemistry!

This course is offered through edX at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that has been around for nearly 200 years. It is the process of designing, building, and operating equipment and plants to create desired products from raw materials. For this subject, you will need to be able to read engineering drawings, perform math calculations and be able to work with machinery. This course also teaches you how to work in a team environment and how to successfully manage a project.

This program will teach you what it takes to be an engineer! Chemical Engineering Course Islamabad

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