Android App Development Course in Rawalpindi – 2025

The Android App Development Course in Rawalpindi is ideal for students who are interested in Android app development, and want to learn how to design, build, and publish their own apps. Students will learn the programming languages Java or Kotlin from scratch and explore various aspects of the Android platform such as UI design, development best practices, and the Android ecosystem.

This course is about building different kinds of mobile apps, and the programme we use is called Android Studio. However, in order to fully understand this course, you must first grasp the language of gambling. and develop various mobile applications. That too in accordance with consumer desire. Due to the fact that every man now owns an Android smartphone, the need for apps has increased significantly. Every task is now performed using apps, and every bank has its own apps. As a result, don’t wait to begin this course; in two to three months, you will be able to develop any type of app.

App Development Course Outline

  • Introduction to Java & Android studio
  • Fundamentals of Java
  • Exceptions & Collections & Generics
  • Android SDK & Android Studio
  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Android Views, Layouts, Activities
  • Activities, Intents, Services
  • Android Resources, Styles, Themes & Material Design
  • Integrating Social Media in Mobile Apps for Android
  • Dialogs, Toasts, Menus, Context Menus, Popup Menus & Web View
  • Sending/Receiving Data to/from RESTful services using JSON & XML
  • Working with Android Alerts
  • Explore Android APIs for Locations Maps, Media
  • Camera & Connectivity
  • Testing & Debugging Android Apps
  • Deploying Android Application to Google Play store
  • Application Analytics & Application Search Optimization (ASO)

App Development Course Fee: 19000/-

App Development Course in Rawalpindi Call No: 0311-5559404

Android is an open-source, free to use operating system developed by Google. Android developers can learn to develop high-quality android applications with useful features and functions. A good Android app developer knows the ins and outs of the latest tools and technologies. Android Development is a popular choice for developers. It’s an operating system that runs on billions of devices and has a huge base of users.

It’s not only about the apps themselves, but about the ecosystem too. The course covers Android Studio – an IDE specifically for Android development, Java – the programming language that is used by Android applications to perform tasks such as creating menus, or accessing data from databases.

The course covers Java components and APIs, as well as building and running applications on real devices with handset previews. The course also covers features that are specific to Google Play Services such as maps and location-based services (including geocoding), Google Play Billing, plus in-app advertising with AdMob. Android App Development Course in Rawalpindi

Any form of Android app can be created using the programming course known as “App Development.” Course on Android Development in Rawalpindi. The PK Institute offers an Android App Development Course, which has undergone significant development in light of the recent release of a brand-new online shopping app that makes it simple to buy anything—even a home—online. If you are aware, you can gain by adding them to a corporation or firm.

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