Advanced Excel in Rawalpindi

Excel is a robust and powerful spreadsheet application. It can help us to tackle problems with data and relationships that are otherwise difficult to solve. Here we will see how excel can be used to tackle real-life issues with finance, marketing, sales and HR At the end of the section, please list the following: Advanced Excel in Rawalpindi

Advance Excel is an advanced computer software that is used in order to perform various mathematical calculations. It has various features to enable the users to work on spreadsheet and graph applications etc. Excel is a powerful tool and one of the most widely used by accountants, students and professionals. Excel has a lot of functions that help in calculations and data management. Advanced Excel in Rawalpindi

Course Contents

  • Advanced Excel Formulas
  • Formula-Based Formatting, Array Formulas
  • Conditional Statements & Logical Operators
  • Statistical Tools & their Functions
  • Lookup, Reference Functions
  • Text Functions, Date & Time Functions

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