Accounting and Finance Courses in Islamabad

The accounting and finance courses in Islamabad are available for every type of individual including those seeking admission in the university or those who wish to learn this sector because they want to work in it. The accounting or finance courses are offered by various universities. The department of accounting and finance is a part of a university that deals with various aspects such as analysis, control, report on financial transactions, taxation, auditing etc. However, these courses can also be taken up individually and can be undertaken through any recognized institute. Accounting and Finance Courses in Islamabad


Basic Concepts & Conventions of Accounting

  • Business & Accounting Cycles
  • inventory Management
  • Debt Management
  • Receivable Management
  •  Managerial Accounting
  • Concept of Cost & Cost Accounting


  • Profit Planning
  • Risk & Return
  • Cost of Capital
  • Cash flow Analysis
  • Dividend Policy

As we all know how much importance the professional accountants have in the current world due to their knowledge about diversified systems and software that are used for accounting purposes all over the world. Accounting and Finance Courses in Islamabad

Some of the courses in islamabad which are offered to students are accounting, financial management, and taxation.

The students can complete their degree in a duration of 2 to 5 years depending on the desired course. The most popular course, Accounting, has been designed for those who want to pursue higher studies in this field. Accounting is the recording and summarizing of financial transactions, which provide a valid and reliable record of economic events, which in turn can be used to set the financial records of a business entity. Accounting is a core function in business. It provides informative about financial transactions for stakeholders. For example, banks may require accounting records before lending money to entrepreneurs or organizations when they apply for loans. It also helps an entrepreneur or organization to make well-informed decisions regarding expansion or research and development projects. Accounting and Finance Courses in Islamabad

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