Accounting and Finance Course in Islamabad

This course is designed to give a deeper understanding of the basics of accounting, budgeting and financial statements. It will also provide an introduction to business law and the legal environment of finance. Accounting and Finance Course in Islamabad

This course is designed for those who are looking for a career in accounting and finance. The course is delivered in three modules: Accounting, Finance and Business Law.

The Accounting module covers topics such as: cash flows, debits and credits, double-entry bookkeeping techniques, tax reporting, payroll calculation etc. The Finance module covers topics such as: investments and capital expenditures; operating activities vs investing activities; break-even point etc. The Business Law module covers topics such as: employment law; tort law; contracts etc.

Accounting and Finance Course

This course will teach students about the financial accounting of a company. Students will learn about the purpose of financial statements, analyzing balance sheets, analyzing income statements, and understanding cash flow statements.

This course is designed to provide accounting and finance professionals a broad introduction to the topic.

Overview: After completing this course, participants will be able to:

The basics of accounting and then some. Become familiar with financial statements and how they are used in decision-making. Get a grasp on the basics of financial management in order to help organizations accomplish their objectives. Gain an understanding of the concepts that govern financial decision-making and how these concepts are applied in practice. Understand the role of money management for individuals, households, organizations, governments, states and countries. Explore how economics is used in developing strategies for improvement in U.S society Understanding the business environment as it relates to accounting principles – an introductory overview Introduction to managerial finance – an introductory overview Accounting and Finance Course in Islamabad

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